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David Arquette-celebmarriges_comDavid Arquette was born in Bentonville, Virginia on September 8, 1971. Arquette is an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, wrestler, and fashion designer.

As a member of the Arquette acting family, he became famous during the mid-1990s after being the main character in several Hollywood films, such as the Scream series, Wild Bill, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since then he has several television positions, like Jason Ventress on ABC’s In Case of Emergency.

Arquette tied knots with actress Courteney Cox on June 12, 1999. On June 13, 2004 they were blessed with a daughter, Coco Riley Arquette.  On October 11, 2010, it was publicized that Arquette and Cox were undergoing separation   trials but they “still love each other deeply”.In June 2012, Arquette asked for divorce after almost two years of separation from Cox.

Arquette went to rehabilitation for treatment of “alcohol and other issues” on January 1, 2011. On April 8, 2011 (after the celebration of   New Year’s Eve) he proclaimed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that he had not tasted alcohol for 100 days. Later same year, Arquette announced on The Tonight Show that he had not drank alcohol for nine months.

In June 2012, he was in Israel to film episodes of the travel show Trippin, Arquette celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall. Shmuel Rabinovitch was the presiding rabbi.

Since 2011 Arquette has been in relationship with Entertainment Tonight correspondent Christina McLarty on/off. They revealed in November 2013, that they were expecting to have their first child. McLarty had their son, Charlie West, on April 28, 2014.

Relationship History (2014- aged 42)

Current Spouse/Partner
David Arquette is currently dating Christina Mclarty

Previous Relationship
Christina Denton (1989-1990)
Alyssa  Milano (rumor 1991)
Drew Barrymore(1991)
Erin Everly(1993-1994)
Ellen Barkin(1995)
Courterney Cox(1997-2013)
Jasmine Waltz (2010)
Christina Mclarty (2011 to current)

David Arquette has no kids

Star Sign

Net Worth
$18 million

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