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Jackson Rathbone - CelebMarriages_comJackson Rathbone, originally Monroe Jackson Rathbone V, was born on December 14, 1984 in Singapore. He started to appear on screen in the year 2005, particularly portraying the role Jimmy on the film River’s End. The same year, he also appeared on the TV series Close to Home, playing the role Scott Fields. In 2006, he appeared on numerous TV series including The O.C. and Beautiful People.

It was in the year 2008 when he became prominent for playing the role Jasper Hale on the film Twilight which originally came from a fiction book. In 2009, he played as Adam Jackson on the TV series Criminal Minds. He also portrayed the role Justin Wood on the flick Cowgirls n’ Angels. In 2013, he participated for the Live at the Foxes Den.

Jackson is currently married to a non-showbiz girl named Sheila Hafsadi. They actually have a son named Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI who was born on July 5, 2012. Their marriage happened on September 29, 2013– a year after their son was born. These days, they are blissfully living in Los Angeles, California.

Relationship History (2014 – aged 29)

Currently Spouse/Partner
Jackson Rathbone is currently married to Sheila Hafsadi.

Previous Spouse/Partner
Sheila Hafsadi (2011 – current)

Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI

Star Sign

Net Worth
$6 Million

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