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Stacy Keibler - CelebMarriages_comStacy Ann-Marie Keibler, simply known as Stacy Keibler, is an American actress, model, former professional wrestler, and valet. She was born on October 14, 1979 in Rosedale, Maryland. When she was three years of age, she was already seen as someone who was very enthusiastic in dancing, that’s why she was enrolled at a dancing school that teaches ballet, jazz, and tap dancing.

In 2005, she started doing modeling jobs. She also wrote fitness-related articles and had her column named Getting Fit with Stacy Keibler under the Stuff magazine. These days, she continues to be famous in the industry and her latest appearance on screen was on How I Met Your Mother by which  she acted as Karina for two episodes.

Stacy was first romantically involved with David Flair, the son of wrestler Ric Flair. After they broke up, she was eventually linked to actor Geoff Stults of 7th Heaven. They broke up some time in 2010. She also had a high-profile relationship with George Clooney but their relationship only lasted for two years. Nowadays, she is happily married to Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre. They got married on March 8, 2014. Together, they’re blessed with a daughter named Ava Grace Pobre.

Relationship History (2014 – aged 35)

Currently Spouse/Partner
Stacy Keibler is currently married to Jared Pobre.

Previous Spouse/Partner
David Fliehr  – (1999 – 2000)
Andrew Martin – (2000 – 2002)
Geoff Stults – (2005 – 2010)
George Clooney – (2011 – 2013)
Jared Pobre – (2013 – current)

Ava Grace Pobre

Star Sign

Net Worth
$4.5 Million

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