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Andrew Koenig -celebmarriges_comAndrew Koenig was born on August 17, 1968, to actor Walter Koenig and Judy Levitt. Between  1985 to 1989, Koenig acted  a repeated position as Richard “Boner” Stabone, best friend to Kirk Cameron’s character Mike Seaver in the first four seasons of the ABC sitcom Growing Pains. During this season, he was also a guest star on episodes of the sitcoms  My Two Dads and My Sister Sam as well as the drama 21 Jump Street. In early 1990s he gave a vote for the animated series G.I. Joe as Ambush and Night Creeper Leader, and had a small responsibility as Tumak in the 1993 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Sanctuary”.

Sad news broke out in February 2010, when Koenig family and friends said they did not know his whereabouts. He had been last seen near a bakery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 14, and deliberately  missed an organized flight back to the US. The last day he used his cell phone or conducted any banking was on February 16. His body was  found hanging from a tree in Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver On February 25, 2010,  by a group of 11 friends and family. Koenig’s father said to reporters that his beloved  son “took his own life”.


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