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Christine Lahti - celebmarriages_comChristine Ann Lahti is an American actress and film director. She was born on April 4, 1950 in Birmingham, Michigan, United States. She became well-recognized in the ndustry when she earned a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the motion picture Swing Shift in the year 1984.

Later on she earned more prominence when she was cast on films such as And Justice for All, Housekeeping, Running on Empty, and Leaving Normal. In the year 1985, she had a directorial debut on the short film Lieberman in Love. The said short film earned her the Academy Awardfor Best Live Action Short Film.

Christi is the mother of three kids namely Wilson Lahti Schlamme, Emma Schlamme, and Joseph Schlamme and the wife of Thomas Schlamme. She and Thomas started dating in the year 1982. They got married in the year 1983. She was not, on the other hand, got involved romantically with anyone in the industry.

Relationship History (2016 – aged 66)

Currently Spouse/Partner
Christi Lahti is currently married to Thomas Schlamme.

Previous Spouse/Partner
Thomas Schlamme – (1982 – current)

Wilson Lahti Schlamme
Emma Schlamme
Joseph Schlamme

Star Sign

Net Worth
$2 Million

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