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Daniel  Radcliffe-celebmarriges_comDaniel Jacob Radcliffe was born on 23 July 1989. Radcliffe is an English actor who rose to fame as the star in the Harry Potter film series. He made his acting debut at the age of 10 in BBC One’s 1999 television movie David Copperfield, followed by a debut film in 2001’s The Tailor of Panama.

At age 11, he was chosen as Harry Potter in the first Harry Potter film, and he was the main character in the series for 10 years until the release of the eighth and final film in 2011.

Radcliffe revealed in 2008, that he is a victim of a mild form of the neurological disorder (developmental coordination disorder). The motor skill disorder at times is so intense that he has problems carrying out easy tasks like writing or tying his shoelaces. “I was having a hard time at school, in terms of being crap at everything, with no discernible talent,” Radcliffe said.

In August 2010, he ceased taking alcohol after realizing he was gradually becoming an addict.

Radcliffe has a home in the West Village of Lower Manhattan in New York City. Since October 2012, Radcliffe   and Erin Darke have been dating; they met on the set of Kill Your Darlings.

Relationship History(2014- aged 24)

Current Spouse/Partner
Daniel Radcliffe is dating Erin Darke

Previous Spouse/Partner
Laura O Toole (2007-2008)
Alana Dawes (2008)
Olive Uniecke (rumor 2010)
Rossane Coker (2010-2012)
Erine Darke (2012)

Daniel Radcliffe has no kids

Star Sign

Net Worth
$15 million

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