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Jay Baruchel - celebmarriages_comJonathan Adam Saunders Baruchel, better known as Jay Barutchel, is a Canadian actor and comedian. He was born on April 9, 1982 in Ottawa, Canada. The brother of Taylor Baruchel, he started to appear on screen as an actor in the year 1999, portraying a significant role on the motion picture Running Home. Since then, he became part of numerous films and TV shows including Are You Afraid of the Dark? wherein he played various roles from 1999 to 2000. Presently, he appears on TV series such as DreamWorks Dragons and Man Seeking Woman.

At the moment, Jay is single and free. During the past, he had a relationship with Natasha Lund. He and Natasha dated briefly around 2002. He was then noted to be having a relationship with arah Lind in the year 2004 but his relationship with her was also short-lived.

In the year 2010, he started dating actress Alison Pill. Their relationship progressed to a different level and they got engaged in the year 2011. However, they broke their engagement in 2013. It was on February 16, 2013 when Jay tweeted in his Twitter account that they broke up.

Relationship History (2016 – aged 34)

Currently Spouse/Partner
Jay Barutchel is currently single.

Previous Spouse/Partner
Natasha Lund – (2002)
Sarah Lind – (2004)
Alison Pill – (2010 – 2013)

Jay Barutchel has no kids.

Star Sign

Net Worth
$16 Million

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