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Mandy Moore - CelebMarriages_comAmanda Leigh Moore, famously known as Mandy Moore, is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. She was born on April 10, 1984 in Nashua, New Hampshire to parents Stacy Friedman and Donald Moore. Since she was younger, she was already inclined to music and performing, that’s why she dreamed of becoming a singer and an actress someday.

She started to work for her first-ever album right after signing with Epic Records. On December 7, 1999, she was able to release her debut album called So Real. Later on, she showcased her talent in acting and was able to land a significant role on the 2000 film Magic Al and the Mind Factory. In 2002, she became more remarkable when she starred on the high-grossing film A Walk to Remember opposite Shane West.

Mandy is known to be dating the tennis player Andy Roddick. Their relationship lasted for over a year. In 2004, they preferred to remain friends.

She met the singer-songwriter Ryan Adams around 2008. In February 2009, they officially engaged. It was on March 10, 2009 when they settled for good and got married in Savannah, Georgia.

Relationship History (2014 – aged 30)

Currently Spouse/Partner
Mandy Moore is currently married to Andy Roddick.

Previous Spouse/Partner
Andy Roddick– (2003 – 2004)
Ryan Adams – (2009 – current)

Mandy Moore has no kids.

Star Sign

Net Worth
$23 Million

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