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Milla Jovovich - CelebMarriages_comMilla Jovovich was born Milica Jovovich on December 17, 1975 in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union to parents Bogić Jovović and Galina Jovovich. She is an American model, actress, musician, and fashion designer. After modeling, Milla joined the line of prevailing actresses as she delved into the world of show business in the year 1988. Her first exposure was on the 1988 film Two Moon Junction where she played the role Samantha Delongpre. The same year, she also had exposures on the TV film The Night Train to Kathmandu and in an episode of Paradise. Since then, she was constantly seen both on big screen and small screen.

Milla is a one happily married woman. She’s been tied to her husband Paul W.S. Anderson since 2002. Paul, by the way, is a film writer and director. Together they have  a child named Ever Gabo.

Previously, she was in a relationship with certain personalities namely Shawn Andrews  who was actually her ex-husband, Stephen Dorff, Luc Besson, and several others.

Relationship History (2014 – aged 38)

Currently Spouse/Partner
Milla Jovovich is currently married to Paul W.S. Anderson.

Previous Spouse/Partner
Balthazar Getty
Shawn Andrews – (1992 – 1993)
Stephen Dorff – (1993)
Mario Sorrenti – (2005)
Luc Besson – (1996 – 1999)
Jeremy Davis – (1999)
John Frusciante – (2001)
Anno Birkin – (1993)
Paul W.S. Anderson – (2002 – current)

Ever Gabo

Star Sign

Net Worth
$36 Million

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