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Robin Charles Thicke was born on March 10, 1977. He is an American-Canadian vocalist, lyricist, performer and performing artist. He is the son of on-screen actor Alan Thicke who is known for his part on the TV  sitcom “Growing Pains” and performing artist Gloria Loring who showed up on daytime drama “Days of our lives”. The couple separated when Robin was aged seve. Thicke lives  in Vancouver, British Columbia. He recorded his first demo as a youngster. The demo was paid for by Al Jarreau an uncle to one member of the group. The demo made it to Brian Mcknight. Thicke moved out on his own at 17 years old during his senior year of secondary school, obtaining a living and supporting himself as a professional producer and musician.

Thicke has worked with big names in the music industry like Brandy, Will Smith, Christina Aguilllera, Beyonce and Busta Rhymes. In 2000, Thicke, who basically passed by his last name, went to create material for his debut album, at first titled “Cherry Blue Skies”. On September 2008 Thicke released his third solo album titled “Something Else”. It appeared at number three on the Billboard’s 200 charts and sold almost 140,000 records for the first week.

At 14 years old, Thicke met on-screen actress Paula Patton in Los Angeles at an under – 21 hip-bounce club called Balistyx. The couple married in 2005 but decided to separate  in February, 2014. It now seems like the singer is trying to sing his way back into her heart. Thicke and Patton have a child together, Julian Fego Thicke born on April 6, 2010.

Relationships History (Age – 37)

Current spouse/ partner

Robin Thicke has no wife/spouse

Previous Spouse/Partners:

Jasmine (rumored)

Paula Patton (2005 – February 2014)


Julian Fuego Thicke



Net worth

$15 million

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