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Simone SImons - CelebMarriages_comSimone Johanna Maria Simons is a Dutch singer-songwriter, and mezzo-soprano. She was born on January 17, 1985 in Hoensbroek, Netherlands. She had an interesting childhood actually when it comes to music as she had one year of pop singing lessons, and at age 15, was able to switch to classical singing after listening to Nightwish’s Oceanborn. It was in the year 2002 when she was involved with the band “Epica”, a band that plays a blend of progressive metal. It was the start of her promising career in the music industry. Nowadays, she is regarded as one of the attractive and successful musical icons in the industry.

The details of her love life wasn’t that much documented in the showbiz journals. However, she was reportedly linked to German musician Oliver Palotai. The date when they started dating was unknown.

She was also romantically involved with Dutch heavy metal musician Mark Jansen but the year when they dated is also not known in the public. Presently, she seems to be enjoying her life as a single, talented celebrity.

Relationship History (2009 – aged 30)

Currently Spouse/Partner
Simone Simons is currently single.

Previous Spouse/Partner
Oliver Palotai
Mark Jansen

Simone Simons has no kids.

Star Sign

Net Worth
Not known

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